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LEITAT is a Technological Center that aims to provide services to those companies of the industrial sector, adding technological value not only to their products but to their processes as well. Focusing on the Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) LEITAT´s services are clearly directed and aimed to adapt and evolve with the changing market.

Since it was founded in 1906, the Technological Center LEITAT has prioritized its mission to serve companies and their needs, while promoting values such as honesty, professionalism, respect for people and the environment.

One of Leitat´s commitment is to find the best technological solutions for companies, a characteristic that has allowed the Technological Center to collaborate with public institutions, government agencies, universities and other technological centers with the aim of searching for more efficient responses to demands of a company nowadays.

Within this commitment, one of LEITAT´s strategic lines is the promotion of R+D+I in the maritime sector where you can find three distinct areas: testing, research and development (R+D) and innovation (I) and new technologies. LEITAT works in the maritime sector always following these strategic lines:
  • Studying and identifying technological needs while maintaining an active technological surveillance.
  • Dynamize proceedings and research projects, development and innovation.
  • Promoting technological transfer and bring R+D closer to SMEs of the maritime sector.
  • Providing service to the sector´s companies while adding technological value to products and processes.
  • Promoting occupational safety activities and risk prevention.
  • Improving business competitiveness.
  • Increasing the technological level of the industry´s companies and its professionals.
  • Creating collaboration and cooperation with stakeholders, government agencies and other technological centers.
  • Ensuring a sustainable and responsible development of proceedings.
  • Promoting environmental and marine protection.
  • Raise awareness and sensitize various actions conducted over important matters of the sector.

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