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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as an active and voluntary commitment of companies to promote socially responsible actions in economic, social and environment fields.

The priorities of society are increasingly giving more relevance to these social ethics and to the respect of environment, so the support to such values is also increasing and that is why Leitat wants to contribute through voluntary actions, combining growth and competitiveness while integrating a commitment to the social development and the environment improvement, seeking excellence within the organization, giving special attention to people and their working conditions, as well as the quality of their production processes.

Thereby, Leitat’s policies transferring technological value to society are remarkable, investing continuously in human capital and presenting resources to promote knowledge, developing actions and social and environmental projects.

The main ethic responsibilities of Leitat with its collaborators are:
  • To serve society with useful services and fair conditions.
  • To create wealth in the most effective way.
  • To respect human rights with honourable working conditions, favouring security, working health and human and professional development of workers.
  • To assure the company’s continuity and, if it is possible, to get a reasonable growth.
  • To respect the environment avoiding any kind of pollution, reducing the waste generation and restricting the use of natural and energy resources.
  • To fulfil laws, rules and customs with harshness, respecting lawful contracts and commitments acquired.

Signature of Joining to Charter of Diversity

Actions resulting from the Collaboration Agreement with the Education Department of Generalitat de Catalunya

Participation in the European Week of Waste Prevention

Internal meetings of corporate culture



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