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Certifications of the Center
LEITAT has the following management system certificates:
  • Quality management system (standard UNE EN ISO 9001: 2015)    (PDF)
  • Environmental management system (standard UNE EN ISO 14001: 2015)    (PDF)
  • Collaboration to the Community system of management and environmental audit (EMAS)
    Governed by Regulation EC Nº 731/2001    (PDF)
    (To access our updated Management Policy and Environmental Statement contact with calidad@leitat.org)
  • Recognised for Excellence 4 star. EFQM 400+   (PDF)
Accreditations of the Center
Quality Management System of testing laboratory and control body for certification of EPIS and construction products (standard UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005):
Other accreditations:
  • TECNIO    (PDF)
  • RENAULT    (PDF)
  • FIA (Gloves)    (PDF)
  • FIA (PPE)    (PDF)
  • Notified Body for building materials    (PDF)
  • Recognized of the Ministry of Development for the certification of aviation products for fire behaviour according to standard FAR/CS    (PDF)
  • Recognized of IMO (international Maritime Organization)    (PDF)
  • Member of E-GOLF (European Group of Organisations for fire testing, inspection and certification)    (PDF)
  • LEITAT is recognized as subcontractor of IBERIA    (PDF)
  • Recognized laboratory by CIK-FUI for the homologation of karting suits (pág 28)
  • Conformity evaluation certificate of Laboratory Good Practices (BPL) according to the regulation 2004/9/CE (PDF)
  • Adherence to Voluntary Agreements Program CO2 Reduction  (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
  • Approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research French for R & D activities (PDF)

Leitat Technological Center participate and works as a technology partner in various initiatives that prove their solvency as dynamic agent in technology transfer and innovation of businesses, for innovation enterprises and entities planning.

Leitat Technological Center is member of:

European Technology Platforms

Spanish Technology Platforms

Other organizations
CEFIC – European Chemical Industry Council, Groupe Européen d’échange d’expériences Sur la Direction de la Recherche Textile (GEDRT), TEXTRANET, E-golf, Club EMAS



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