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In collaboration with innovative companies, and with a large list of ambitious projects, we are joining efforts to research and being more open to a global and competitive market from creativity, innovation and learning. The experience and confidence achieved, true to our mission and principles, back us to keep on strengthening industrial innovation focused on technology and increasing the competitiveness level of companies and their potentialities, and therefore, successfully approach new markets.

The complexity and the uncertainty of the economic environment reinforce our foundational commitment to support business R+D+I, joining efforts to promote teams specialized in Technology Transfer and generate collaborating business environments allowing the development of new economy based on knowledge.

Our value offer, which we define as “The Technology Partner”, comprises our constant adaptation to the market and motivates the change to strengthen the technology entrepreneurship, support the open innovation with large companies and secure the interna-tional collaboration as value of the technology networking, acting as a unifying vehicle between market and research.

The actions taken during 2012 show the commitment, implication and responsibilities of the personnel that are part of Leitat to meet the technology and economic challenges, by offering solutions to our clients, partners and collaborators from the respect of our values for the promotion of innovation and commitment with integrity, responsibility, sustainability and independence of all our actions thanks to our Excellence in Management.

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In LEITAT, innovation means meeting industrial technology challenges with efficiency and efficacy.

What is LEITAT?
LEITAT is a Technological Institute, recognized by the Catalan Government (TECNIO) and by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, with the mission of collaborating with companies and other entities to create economic, social and sustainable value by RD projects and technology processes from innovation and creativity. Leitat is the brand of the private entity Acondicionamiento Tarrasense.
Who does Leitat belong to?
Leitat is a private non-profit association of industrials with own legal and patrimonial capacity established in 1906. Leitat performs its activity according to the current legislation, its articles of association and its Internal Regime Rules.
What does Leitat contribute?
Leitat, from dynamism and proximity, provides flexible management in an open innovation environment as collaboration and cooperation driving force for technology transfer and promoting the principles of professionalism, respect for people and environmental care, at the same time.
Why does Leitat improve competitiveness at industrial level?
Because Leitat promotes the implementation of industrial innovation strengthening modernization of the productive structures and the development of new high technology value products and meets the changing needs of the global market.
How can Leitat solve the technological needs?
Thanks to its technology solvency, Leitat keeps creating knowledge, developing talent and acquiring high technology equipment and facilities, so that the specific and technology needs of our customers can be met.
Why does Leitat perform in many different sectors?
Because this allows that many technologies are applicable in different sectors obtaining more profitability of technology, generating and broadening new opportunities even in sectors never before interconnected and focusing its activity on the areas of materials, chemistry, biotechnology, energy, environment and production.
How does Leitat collaborate with companies and institutions?
Leitat acts as Technological Partner by signing collaboration agreements to join efforts to meet the industrial technology challenges set out and promoting enterprising capacity and technology transfer.
Which is Leitat experience in industrial cooperation?
For more than 100 years ago, Leitat impacts on companies and other entities through the management of R+D+2i proposals (research, development and industrial innovation) leading or participating in strategic projects and generating actives and knowledge.
Which is the geographical ambit of action?
As well as acting at domestic level, Leitat actively leads and participates in many projects and international collaboration nets including European partners and others from other areas with convergent interests.
How become part of Leitat?
Any individual or corporation may become partner of Leitat by making a formal request on the webpage: www.leitat.org/socio



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