We are a non-profit industrial association

1. Who are we?

The entity ACONDICIONAMIENTO TARRASENSE is a non-profit industrial association with its own legal status and assets, established in 1906. It regulates its activities in accordance with current regulations, its bylaws and its internal regulations. The entity is currently known as CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO LEITAT, a trading name which it owns. The entity is registered as number 16 in the Barcelona Registry of Associations of the Office of Legal Rights and Legal Entities, which belongs to the Catalan Department of Justice. It is also registered in the Registry of Innovation and Technology Centres (Ministry of Science and Innovation), as number 28; in the Registry of the Research Office (Ministry of Education), as OTRI No 195; and in the Registry of Technological Centres (Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development), as CT 04/04. The purposes of the association are to (i) perform research and development (R&D) activities; (ii) foster technological innovation in companies by promoting the modernisation of production structures and providing the necessary support to encourage innovation; (iii) improve the competitiveness of companies by facilitating access to and implementing new technologies. The chairperson of the entity is currently Mr Jordi William Carnes.

2. Who can become a partner?

Any natural person over eighteen years of age, or legal entity, engaged in economic activities in complementary industrial sectors for the purposes of the association and formally requests it via the email or by sending the Membership Request form to said email.

3. What does being a member entail?

Some of the rights detailed in the bylaws are the following:

  1. Attending the meetings of the General Assembly with speaking and voting rights.
  2. Choosing or being chosen for representation or to hold management positions.
  3. Intervening in the governance, management and activities of the association.
  4. Presenting at the General Assembly or to the Board of Directors anything you consider that may contribute to making the life of the association more fulfilling and the basic goals more effective.
  5. Requesting and receiving explanations about the administration and management of the Board of Directors.
  6. Making use of the general services established or provided by the association.

The bylaws list the duties of members, one of which is to commit to the aims of the association and actively participate to achieve them.

The category of member gives the right to certain incentives for the provision of services, depending on the project conditions. These include discounts for the provision of technological services and the execution of R&D and innovation projects, free access to ongoing training and/or events held by the association, and bonus-based discounts according to invoicing.

4. How can I become a member?

Simply fill in the Membership Request form and email it directly to

The application for admission must be processed and verified by the Managing Director. Once the new member has been admitted, the Secretary will proceed to register it in the Association’s Membership Register Book.