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R+D oriented to biomedicine and application of biologic processes and products

Main research fields:

  • Cancer therapy, diagnostics, prognosis and illness monitoring.
  • Specialized bioservices including generation of monoclonal antibodies.
  • Toxicology, migration determination and development of markers.
  • Development of bioprocesses.
  • Extraction of active principles.
  • ADME-Tox studies on drugs

Some of the subject matters of the Projects being carried out are:

  • Generation of electrochemical biosensors based on hybrid biomolecule-nanoparticle to assess the immune functional response.
  • Development of angiogenesis peptides by zera® technology.
  • New strategies based on biomarkers for cancer detection, prognosis, prediction and development of new treatments.
  • Characterization of predictive genetic models for anticancer drugs; systematization of the personalized therapeutic intervention.
  • Biological active principles obtained from micro-alga innovative extraction processes.
  • Application of nano-particles technology based on therapy and detection of different types of cancer.
  • Integral challenge to breast cancer.
  • New methodology for the identification of natural compounds of high commercial value derived from the diverse and unexplored flora from Mediterranean countries.
  • Biopolymeric capsules to be applied in food safety.
  • Appreciation of biocide technology in its application in air and fabrics filters for the prevention of nosocomial infections.



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